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Most people have felt, at least once in their life, that trouble eating, pain in the throat that can be more or less intense, sometimes accompanied by a certain unwillingness ...

If you've spent so it's likely that you immediately associate the symptoms to "sore throat" - which actually is a popular name of so-called pharyngitis.

Alexandre de Souza Cury, ENT specialist, Master in Molecular Biology, teaching graduation in Medicine from the University Anhanguera-Uniderp explains that tonsillitis is inflammation in the tissues of the tonsils, pharynx and attachments of the oral cavity, often called "sore throat". "They could be due to infectious processes or not," he says.

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis x

Pharyngitis is the name given to inflammation of the pharynx, and tonsillitis, inflammation of the tonsils. Both have as their main symptom sore throat.

As pharynx and tonsils are anatomically close, it is very common ignite simultaneously, resulting in exactly the framework called pharyngitis.

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But although there is this possibility (of inflamed joints), some people have predominantly tonsillitis; while others, pharyngitis.

sore throat x infected throat

Alexandre Cury explains that, in fact, "sore throat" and "infected throat" are lay terminology. "We can say that the sore throat is suggestive signs of inflammation, without having an infection as an etiological factor. While the infected throat, would have an inflammation resulting from an infectious process caused by viruses or bacteria, "he said.

Symptoms of strep throat

According to the ENT doctor Cury, the pharyngotonsillitis have as main symptoms:

  • Sore throat;
  • Difficulty swallowing;
  • Fever (in some cases);
  • Difficulty breathing (in some situations).

Why sore throat causes fever?

This is not a rule, but in some cases, fever may be one of the symptoms of "sore throat".

Alexandre Cury explains that this occurs in some cases because usually fever is indicative of a viral or bacterial infection. "Since then, this one semiological given important for investigative conduct the cause of 'sore throat'," he says.

When to seek medical help?

Alexandre Cury explains that, to observe one of the symptoms of pharyngitis (sore throat popularly called), it is important to seek medical help. "It is essential to always have a medical evaluation for better diagnosis and thus appropriate treatment early on, at the first signs or symptoms," he said.

Treatment of sore throat

Treatment should always be based on the underlying cause. Alexandre Cury highlights some examples: in the case of bacterial infections, one should make use of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics; while in cases of viral infections, it is the only use of anti-inflammatory drugs. Look for a doctor so he indicate what is the right choice for your case.

Tips to relieve symptoms of sore throat

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

The otolaryngologist Cury explains that, at home, the most important is to maintain adequate hydration, either with water or some teas that can provide symptom relief. In this sense, check the guidelines:

  • Drink a lot of water;
  • Also drink teas, such as black, green and white;
  • Gargle with salt water, which can help lessen the discomfort by edema.

Note that these tips are only to relieve symptoms of sore throat, but not exclude, in any way, the need for appropriate treatment (medically indicated).

How to prevent sore throat

Alexandre Cury points out that prevention is based on having a healthy lifestyle. In this sense, check out some guidelines:

  • Follow adequate food (with the use of more natural and less processed foods);
  • Keep oral hygiene in day;
  • Cherish the good quality of sleep (sleeping about 8 hours per day);
  • Eat enough fluid to maintain adequate hydration.

Also, do not hesitate to seek medical help if symptoms such as sore throat, difficulty swallowing, among others, begin to bother. Only a professional can investigate the case and treat it in the best possible way.