Given the actions dating - R $ 2.90 in the Pleasure Shop

The data used for those times of little creativity of the couple, because it suggested positions and caresses.

Given the actions dating - R $ 2.90 in the Pleasure Shop

With the pen with edible syrup the couple can better express their feelings by writing messages on each other's bodies and still enjoy them.

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The massager waterproof promotes further relaxation in the bath for two, allowing to forget the routine and enjoy the sensations of the moment.

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Partners can use body oil capsules to massage the body, and after that they burst into contact with the heated skin, taste the chocolate flavor with kisses, to explore both the sensuality and romanticism.

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The plush handcuffs can be used in power and submission play, being excellent to demonstrate that the relationship leave control in the hands of the other can also be tasty and fun.

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The whip with suede strips helps simulate a pat without hurting. Excellent sought to "educate" fondly.

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The G-spot can be stimulated with this vibrator that, to have a tasteful design, do not let them insecure men. It is the perfect toy for your partner learn to exploit the right places.

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The cover for vibrating tongue leaves kisses on the most intense intimate area and gives freedom to anyone who is still getting used to the taste of this kind of kiss.

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The vibrating cock ring can be an ally to stimulate the woman as the man assists the performance of maintenance. Great for occasions where you want to prolong the pleasure to two longer.

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The Thai balls help to sensitize the female intimate area for the woman to develop their muscle potential in this place and can find their ability to perform new moves. Excellent to innovate beyond the exchange of positions.

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