You can identify the signs of a cheating? - Women Tips

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Be betrayed, would say the most radical, it is only a matter of time. The truth is that the temptations and facilities that today's world offers for the famous "Smoking or non smoking" materializes are numerous, and it is very difficult to find that movie good guy, that will not make you go through this situation.

However, as to betray became almost too easy, also it does not take a genius to figure treason, mainly because many men emit signals when they are doing something wrong, just pay attention. If you are suspicious of your partner, some behaviors it can be confirmed that you expect.

Cell phone

These days almost everyone has a mobile phone, which makes it one of the mainstream media and thus a tool that will most likely be used if your partner is cheating on you. Be suspicious if he suddenly spend close to leave you to answer calls, exchange text messages excess or maintain the device always hidden, just walking with him in his pocket, for example.


If your mate, without a specific reason, to change the way comes, be attentive: men who feel guilty for something they did tend to compensate by going to treat the very best partner of a sudden. The opposite, however, is also warning sign. If your partner suddenly started treating you badly, he may be interested in someone else.

mysterious commitments

When a man says he will work late when a man starts to spend many nights of the week to football or video games with friends when a man needs to do several business trips on weekends, when it can not see you in Saturday night because her grandmother is sick, finally, there are several mysterious commitments that may indicate a betrayal.


The internet is the representation of a betrayal opportunity. As the phone is now common for people to communicate over the internet, making it a source of doubts and misgivings. When your boyfriend spends too much time on the Internet, without that this is an old habit, it may be that it is not treason, but more radical women would indicate this as a warning sign for you.

New friendships

It may be in college, at work or even in the circle of friends. The guy simply can not stop mentioning their new friends. Comments like "the tart is very competent / intelligent / funny" can be very innocent but when they are too frequent, can also be interpreted as a certain level of interest from the boy.


João Rafael C. (26 years / single) says: "I believe that when there are some signs standards such as inattention and lack of fellowship is necessary wary. The person who betrays leave to care for his companion, leaves to sacrifice for the common good of the couple. Loses interest in joint activities, has irritability traits. In my opinion these are the main signs. But the biggest, most certainly, is the lack of interest. "

Already Veronica P. (28 years / Bride) thinks that sudden changes in behavior or fights can also be a sign that the person is cheating on you. Juliana C. reader (21 years / dating) also gave his opinion: "When the partner hides the cell, prevents access social networks on their front and does not answer the phone at decisive moments - for example on a Friday night - can unless you have something wrong. Unless the relationship is open or in cases where the couple does not use the mobile and social networks very often. But for me, are strong evidence. Including why the betrayals begin today in virtual form. "

How to react to the suspect?

If you suspect that the activities carried out by the cat through the cell are actually contacts with other women, do not freak out and do not bother to investigate. Besides ugly, this attitude shows a lack of respect for each other's space. Similarly, go to watch every step taken by the partner should not be an option because it turns you into a slave surveillance 24 hours a day.

When there is suspicion of treason, the best thing to do is to analyze the possible options. Open dialogue is always the best way to solve the problem fairly, preventing both parties from further hurt. First, expect the anger felt at first slow down before attempting any kind of conversation. hothead outlets attitudes not always correspond to what, in fact, we desire to do.