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How to store MDF furniture - Women Tips

Currently the furniture in MDF (MaDeFibra) are present in most Brazilian homes. However, this material is more fragile than wood and requires specific care for its duration and conservation are greater. Thus, we selected tips for you to put into practice and have beautiful furniture for longer.

One of the main care should be taken with MDF furniture It is avoid exposure to sunlight. The sunlight may cause the part to have its color changed and its characteristics may also be affected. So do not forget to protect your furniture keeping them in places where sunlight does not fall or barriers such as glasses with protective films or curtains.

Other care should you have with MDF furniture is their protection against moisture. So we need to pay special attention to furniture that are in the bathroom and kitchen, and always keep an eye on the walls to notice any infiltrations. If necessary, use seals on mobile together to sinks and other objects that can accumulate moisture. Also, avoid extend towels and other wet parts in their MDF furniture.

Also avoid contact with certain substances such as paints, even the pens in MDF. These substances can cause irreparable damage to the furniture. And be careful when choosing cleaning products for use in such furniture. Read the label and be attentive to know if the product is compatible with MDF furniture.

According to ABIPA (Brazilian Association of Wood Panels Industry), the cleaning the finished wood panels It must be made to clean and soft, free of impurities, dry or lightly moistened with water and mild soap, and twisted until it does not leave water droplets. Should not be used abrasives such as steel wool or sharp objects. To remove stains, use cloth dampened with alcohol solution and water in equal parts.

Try not to put too much weight on these mobile or rely on them to reach objects that are on higher ground. This can leave the unit with irregularities or even break the piece. Take special care if you have children at home, because they often use the furniture and drawers as support to climb them.

Try not to put hot objects on MDF furniture, because that may leave marks on furniture. Prefer to protect the material support to pan and so you avoid further damage to your mobile.

Also avoid the use of sharp objects like knives and stilettos on this mobile, they may end up slipping and marking or cutting a piece of MDF.

It is essential to treat these mobile "with care". Handle them carefully and try to avoid that they collide with other furniture. As they are more fragile, it is essential to redouble care for reforms and changes as a simple push against a mobile MDF can now leave it with the altered form or pie. So great care is.

By adopting these measures, keep the shape, firmness and beauty of its MDF furniture becomes easier. Therefore, it pays to treat your furniture with the care they deserve and you need not buy new furniture soon.

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