Hydration with bamboo to rebuild the wires - Women Tips

The ultimate hair treatment that is already a hit in Brazil's salons. The cosmetic industry surrendered to Bamboo benefits, and the hair will thank you. The hair treatment enriched with bamboo shoot with powerful ingredients such as vitamins A, B and C, amino acids and minerals is being approved by hairdressers and clients.

This type of hydration promises to shine and softness while protecting hair from the damaging effects of the sun and chemicals such as dyes and straightening. All because the bamboo shoots promotes reconstruction of the hair fiber, restoring strength and life to the hair.

When they are dry, the wires tend to become hardened aspect, filled with double ends and brittle. The bamboo extract can regenerate this structure, replacing the water inside and returning the elasticity. Thus, the hair is more beautiful and malleable.

Another advantage of bamboo is collaborating with hydration to the wires to grow strong and healthy. The active bamboo shoot hair growth because restores the lost vitamins.

There is no contraindication. Any type of hair can receive the hydration product made with bamboo base, especially brittle and falls sharply problem.

To keep the result, the ideal is to repeat hydration once a week. The advantage is that you can do at home yourself, just look in the stores products containing bamboo shoots in the composition. Then book a half hour of your weekend and devote yourself to the care of the wires, it is worth.

How to hydration with bamboo home

To hydration with bamboo house is very simple, just follow the guidelines:

  1. First, wash the threads with anti-residue shampoo to remove impurities;
  2. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water;
  3. Apply the bamboo extract cream throughout the hair lengthwise toward the ends, keeping a distance of two fingers in relation to the scalp;
  4. Massage well down the wires making moves up and top-down;
  5. Let stand for about half an hour. Use a thermal cap or foil wrap head with the glossy side facing inwards;
  6. Take the product and rinse.