4 tips for dealing with an unsafe partner - Women Tips

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Her boyfriend is jealous? Not like you to use short clothes, coming out with her friends to keep in touch with your male friends? All right, just right, jealousy can even act as spice to the relationship but, in excess, spoils any love. It gets worse when one of them begins to investigate the life of another, distrusting every step taken by the partner and judging it as a potential risk of betrayal.

While it is common to go through situations similar to those cited, dealing with the insecurity of the person with whom we interact is tiring and can, in fact, hinder the future of the relationship. If you do not want to continue to have an insecure boyfriend, try to follow the tips below that can help end the problem.

1 - Praise

Not only are women who like to praise to feel loved, men also do not have to guess what you think about them, if you do not say. subtle praise, as "that shirt looks great on you" or "your hair is very good that way" make a huge difference in self-esteem of the boy, who now has more security about their feelings towards him.

2 - Pay attention to how you act

Sure, you had a life before I met her boyfriend and must not abandon it altogether, because you never know when a relationship will end, but careful not to scratch the shine of their relationship with their attitudes. Keep your friends close is healthy and even necessary, but will have no positive effect on your partner if you live playing in the arms of the guys walking or always leaves it aside to go out with them. Dose the kind of attitude you have is the key to reduce unnecessary stress.

Also, pay attention to the type of comments that makes as much about him as about the other men with whom they live. If you often praise the other, while the "decrease", it is possible that this is a source of insecurity.

3 - Try to understand his story

If your partner has had relationships in which it was deceived by the partner is likely to feel insecure in a new relationship. Talk to him about the negative experiences he may have had, showing that you are different and will not act as the former. Everyone has a past and the "ghosts" who remain hinder - a lot - the present.

4 - Invest in communication

Open communication between partners is the key to solve 99% of the problems that a relationship can bring. In the case of insecurity, tell him he can talk to you about their distress and jealousy. Keep yourself open to dialogue, to understand your partner's motives and can help you overcome the difficulties he has to trust you. Believe me, no matter how boring it may seem a relationship of discussion in these cases it is far better to put up with her boyfriend sulking without even knowing what happened to leave it like that. Talk, talk and talk.