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How to store the wood and keep it beautiful - Women Tips

Wood is a material widely used in the decoration to have high durability and be easy to match. In general, it is used as a floor in the form of clubs, natural boards, laminate or doors and jambs.

Despite the pleasant feeling of warmth that wood gives environments, care needs to stay as young and beautiful for a long time. Therefore, the correct cleaning and suitable products is essential. Check now some tips on the subject and also learn conservation tips for floors, doors and wooden furniture.


Chemicals such as alcohol, kerosene or other solvents should never be used for cleaning wooden floors because they damage the material and the finishing varnish. The best way to make wooden floors and carpets is always cleaned using a vacuum cleaner, broom or by a dry cloth.

No wet wooden floor. Water is one of the biggest enemy material, therefore with time may leave the wood with frayed appearance. Therefore, as another alternative cleaning wooden floors and pass a damp cloth soaked in water and twisted with two drops of neutral detergent or products of the ammonia-based, where as three tablespoons per liter of water.

Doors and jambs

Use only a dry flannel or the brush to make the doors for cleaning and wood frames with simple painting. The doors with lacquer paint, the ideal is to use a damp cloth, never wet. Then pass a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Never use products acids or ammonia base to avoid damaging the wood.


The cleaning of wood furniture depends on if their surface is polished, painted or varnished. Painted wood is easier to detect, but see if you know the surface before cleaning.

Waxed wood surfaces have a soft glow and ask only an occasional application of furniture polish to stay always beautiful. Never apply wax in a mobile tarpaulin, because the product clogs pores of the wood causes its drying and makes it brittle.

To remove the white spots mobile tarpaulins, such as those left by wet cups, abrasive scrub (ash, salt, sodium bicarbonate or pumice) with oil (olive oil, cooking oil or petrolatum).

The best way to take care of painted wooden furniture is to pass the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and a sponge to remove stains and fingerprints. If you think you have to use wax, do it only once a year, since the product can damage the color and decoration.

The lacquered furniture are finished in varnish, lacquer or wax. Any furniture polish quickly clean this type of wood, just look for a product of this type of good quality available.

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