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Some objects can be useful in various ways at home. In addition to facilitating the day-to-day, they can also be reused and be part of the decoration of a more modern and fun way, just take a little creativity. We've put together some suggestions for how to use simple objects in different ways, check.

Case of contact lenses

Those beady little pots of contact lenses and cover can serve as a pillbox to carry in the bag, especially to take on the trip. Another suggestion is to use the case of contact lenses to book powder shadows, a practical and does not occupy much space on your necessaire.

Velcro on hangers

The hangers are usually very smooth and just making that spaghetti straps and soft fabrics slip. So that this problem is over and the pieces do not fall, the tip is put Velcro on the tip of the hangers. Choose colorful velcro, so they serve as the hanger itself garnish.

Box of matches

Once the matches have finished the box, take the package to customize a mini sewing kit for the present friends or load inside her purse and be prepared in the event of an emergency. Inside the box of matches you can put buttons, needles, bits of lines and pins. Let the most beautiful encapando box with paper or patterned fabrics and finish giving a little bow or passing a rubber band to ensure that the packaging does not open the bag.

Door Paper or hangers-on

Paper boxes or wood with opening in the lid can turn into paper door or a very creative pull bags. To this, one must carefully place the plastic bags into the box or the opening in the lid, or by an average cut on the side of the box. Release the creativity and customize the way you want box. Alternatively, place double-sided adhesive on the case back and apply it on the kitchen wall or in the pantry.

Roles of colorful scraps

Colorful office used adhesive pieces of paper can be used for things other than note messages. They can be used to remove crumbs and other droppings on the computer keyboard, just go applying the adhesive side of the keys. Another tip is to use them as labels to identify products, bottles, jars or paste in bottles of beauty products that will be carried in your purse trip.

The recipes or shopping lists and reminders can be written on pieces of paper and pasted the house where you want or can serve as a marker of pages of books and magazines. With them you can also make funny jokes. With two different colored pieces of paper, select the letters to play tic tac toe, hangman or any other kind of joke. Can you have fun at the same wall until the adhesive side wear.

The colored paper can also decorate the room or the room when pasted on the wall of a more creative way. They can serve as an errand wall of friends and family or for you to write and draw what you want.

Drawer knobs

The beady drawer handles of antique furniture can be stuck on the walls in a fun way and serve for hanging clothes, towels, bags and even necklaces. To get even more creative choice models of different handles, color and designs.

Bin fair

wooden crates used in the show to transport fruits and vegetables are transformed into beautiful furniture for the home. The small size boxes, medium or large and can be painted with colored paint or lapped with patterned fabrics. One way to further make them different, is to put wheels to turn in dressers, glass top coffee tables to stay or nail them to the wall like a shelf.

Glass bottles

No matter the size and color, glass and empty bottles can turn into a beautiful vase of flowers to decorate the house. They are beautiful both with an arrangement as just a flower.

colorless base

The colorless nail base can be very useful to prevent the edge of the pantyhose not shred more, just apply a little glaze on the tips which already ran the wire and allow it to dry. It may also be helpful to keep the glasses in place bolt after tightening them, or even may serve for bonding the envelope of correlation. If that your jewelry is losing its luster, apply a base coat to prolong the life of the accessory.

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