Vitamin B12: know the benefits it can bring to your life

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The human body needs many nutrients to stay healthy and functional: proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. They are responsible for important functions in the body and when they are at levels below normal, may end up generating some long-term problems.

Vitamins are essential in the human body, functioning as additives for several important functions, even if they do not act as energy or cell replacement material.

They must be ingested through food because the body does not produce essential vitamins alone. You need to have a balanced and healthy diet to maintain the levels of these nutrients properly in the body.

And one of the most important vitamins to be ingested is vitamin B12. Learn more about this substance, find out how to get it, it is important for your body and what can happen if you have a deficiency of this vitamin.

5 Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12: know the benefits it can bring to your life

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Like every essential vitamin, B12 has a number of amazing benefits for your body in the short and long term. Check it:

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1. Maintenance of the functions of the nervous system: according to nutritionist and master Health Sciences, USP, Patrícia Cruz, one of the main benefits of vitamin B12 is to aid in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, essential chemicals in the process of "communication" between the cells and hence the achievement of the various internal and external actions of the body.

2. Formation of DNA: Also according Patricia, vitamin B12 is one of the substances responsible for the formation of cellular DNA. The intake of this vitamin is essential in this respect, after all this damage component of cell mutations that can lead to future entail the development of some cancers.

3. nerve cell protection: the specialist also noted that vitamin B12 plays an important role for the protection of nerve cells, since it is a major component of myelin sheath that protects neurons damage and regenerate these cells. Thus, their use can help delay or prevent diseases derived from the degeneration of neurons (such as dementia, for example).

4. Increase Fertility: vitamin B12, acting directly on DNA, along with folic acid allows for increasing fertility in women, aiding those who have intend to become pregnant. It also helps in increasing ovulation. In addition, vitamin B12 significantly reduces the chances of miscarriage.

5. Prevents anemia: Vitamin B12 is an important component in the formation, maturation and protection of red blood cells in order to keep them healthy and prevent the development of anemia.

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Ie consuming Vitamin B12 is essential to maintain a range of functions of your body.

What Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause

Vitamin B12: know the benefits it can bring to your life

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According to nutritionist Patrícia Cruz, vitamin B12 deficiency has a number of short and long term problems.

In the short term it may have a loss of muscle strength, fatigue, aches and dizziness. Already the long term, can cause mental confusion, vision problems, hyperhomocysteinemia (a marker that increases the risk of heart disease) and anemia.

In cases of more serious deficiencies can lead to neuropathy, generating even partial or complete loss of movement.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can be caused mainly by the low consumption of foods that are the main sources of the substance. But this is not the only reason.

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According to Patricia, it can also occur for production of intrinsic factor deficiency, parental cells or even changes in plasma transport.

This deficiency can be driven at risk groups, such as strict vegetarians, the elderly and patients with gastrectomy and other stomach ailments such as ulcers and cancers.

In case of deficit, it indicates the increase in the consumption of foods rich in vitamin B12 and, as appropriate, prescribing supplementation.

Folic acid is also an important ally to avoid deficiency of this nutrient. Combined with a good diet, both help prevent anemia, improving fertility and also maintain low homocysteine ​​levels. Patrícia Cruz notes that some studies indicate that this substance is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Ie, consume folic acid and vitamin B12 also helps prevent heart problems.

Where to find vitamin B12

Ok, now you know that vitamin B12 is important for your body and therefore it is essential that you keep an adequate intake of it.

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Remember that the indicated amount of intake for adults is 2.4mg per day. But then, where to find it?

See the table which are the foods richest in this vitamin:

Vitamin B12: know the benefits it can bring to your life

He gave notice that abound foods you consume and make a good amount of vitamin B12, is not it? But one detail: he realized that there is no vegetables included in this list? That is why there is concern for those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Vitamin B12, vegetarian, and vegan

As we said before, vegetarians and vegans are part of vitamin B12 deficiency risk. This is because the main source of this substance is of animal origin and due to restrictive diet, people who follow this philosophy of life need more care.

The nutritionist Patrícia Cruz emphasizes the importance of doing from time to time biochemical analysis of vitamin B12 concentration in the body in order to check for problems with concentration or not. If you need to, you should opt for supplementation.

Vitamin B12 supplementation

Vitamin B12: know the benefits it can bring to your life

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Vitamin B12 supplementation may end up being indicated, as we speak, in severe cases with symptoms of deficiency of the substance in the body.

It consists basically of the product intake (capsules, tablets, injectable or suspension) containing vitamin isolated in the recommended daily amounts.

You need to check the concentration of vitamin B12 in the body, through an examination, and opt for a replacement treatment from medical personnel.

What consumption in excess of vitamin B12 can cause

According to nutritionist Patrícia Cruz, the intake of this substance in quantities above indicated could lead to an increase in lymphocytes (the body's defense cells), as well as changes in the spleen. Therefore, the ideal is that you keep the consumption indicated by day and do supplementation on their own, with no indication of a responsible professional.

So now that you know all about vitamin B12, just take care of your food, according to your needs, and stay healthy.