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Cast the first stone who never crossed tight skirt from getting totally subject at some unexpected moment. Whether in the elevator, on a first date or even with people you already know, the famous silence can arrive unannounced. How to get out of this? What to say?

In fact, you do not have to be an expert in speaking to strike up a conversation with someone. One of the only factors that should take into consideration is whether the other person seems predisposed to talk, which can be checked even by posture. Arms and crossed legs mean that the person is not at ease. A smile and a more relaxed attitude may indicate that an approach is welcome.

Of course, not all people are equal, and given subject can yield more with an individual and less to another. This you will learn that way: trial and error. The cool thing is be provided with good topics to make the conversation and start to flow. Not sure how? Be ready! Check out these tips to prepare and how to pull the subject like a master.

12 topics that can make a good conversation

To break the ice, to approach someone to continue the conversation. Some approaches tend to work in most situations.

With a stranger on a daily basis

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Photo: Playback / Giphy

Sometimes life brings situations where it is necessary that you spend time with strangers: at the bus stop in a long queue at the bakery, waiting for any service whatsoever. Here are some subjects you can pull with someone you do not know - but being obliged to live (even for a short period of time):

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1. Talking time: It may seem the most cliché subject that exists, but always works. Comment on how the weather is hot / cold / stuffy, and he saw the weather forecast is for rain in that / is the time to change / it seems that the weekend will be better.

2. To speak of something of the environment: talk about what's happening at the moment can work. If you are waiting to be answered somewhere, for example, is worth comment "It takes, huh? It's always like that here? ". It may not generate the largest conversation in the world, but at least gives a broken ice. If you are in the supermarket, you can comment on the price of a product, or ask where the person found deodorant X is in her cart.

3. Praise: calmly time to praise someone, not always the person will feel comfortable with the approach. The cool thing is be honest and talk about something simple, like shirt, shoe, hat. "How beautiful this shirt, you bought?". Exit commenting on the body of another person is not legal.

With people you often see

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Photo: Playback / Giphy

You can be a friend, a co-worker, the girl you always see at the gym or even someone who has studied with you: whether you like the person, sometimes it seems that runs off without looking back. In such cases, try:

4. Talk about something you saw on social networks: nowadays everyone is connected, right? Then bring up something you remember seeing the person you're chatting with Facebook! Examples: "I saw on Facebook that you adopted a puppy! How you are? "" I saw you was at the party X. How is there? ".

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5. Tell something of your day: while others like to talk much of themselves, you and your life can be a good topic to start the conversation. Comment on something cool or interesting that has happened in your day, on a nice restaurant you were at lunch or even the gym where he enrolled.

6. Ask friends in common: insert a third person in the conversation is a good strategy. "Have you seen so and so?" "I never spoke to Siclano, and you?" "I saw that you work with Beltrana. You talk too much? "...

At a meeting or at the disco

Photo: Playback / Giphy

Photo: Playback / Giphy

To match the Tinder and mark a first date is easy. Difficult is knowing what to say to the person. The same can happen in the club or the bar: to talk to the target of interest? Some ideas:

7. Talking about music: everyone has a band or favorite music. You can talk about the song that's playing, a show that will happen in the coming months or even a cool band heard recently.

8. Talk about the site: use the very place where you are as a subject can render. If it is too full or empty, if it's too loud ... Ask if this is the first time the person is there is also cool. Just do not use the manjada "You come here often?", Which may seem a little tacky.

9. Talk about the person: yes, people love to talk about themselves. Therefore, you ask several things: what is the hobby of the person, sign, favorite flavor of pizza, movies, where you will spend the Carnival, etc etc etc.

In the day to day relationship

Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

Relationships have these things: the couple is so used to the presence of each other it seems that even the dialogue is always repeated. You have no issue with your love? Change this setting! Their conversations can go far beyond as the day is hot or cold.

10. Ask about the day of the person: want easier thing than a "how was your day?".

11. Talk about the next day / future: make plans with whom you like is a delight. Talk about them can be great. A simple pizzeria to meet over the weekend to a trip next holiday weekend, talk about plans you have and the partner's opinion about them.

12. Talk about something that you know the person likes: several months (or years) of living make you know a lot about who you like. Bring to light some of the favorite subjects of his love. It may even be a simple picture on WhatsApp with the message "I saw it and remembered you ♥".

Regardless of your approach, remember that it is not always that people are willing to talk. So, do not be boring or pushy. Respects the will and the space of the other.

Questions to resume the conversation that ends the matter

The conversation was going fine until just ... died? A good tip is to ask questions, stimulating the conversation continue. The cool thing is to avoid questions that can be answered simply "yes" or "no." Get inspired:

fun questions:

  • What would you do if you won the lottery?
  • Which celebrity would you like to go to the club?
  • What would you take to a desert island?

Questions about the day to day:

  • Where do you usually have lunch?
  • What time do you go to sleep during the week?
  • How do you go to work?

Questions about likes / preferences:

  • Do you like more cats or dogs?
  • What did you think of the movie X?
  • What is your favorite series?

Questions about food and drink:

  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  • Can you cook? What is your Speciality?
  • What drink do you like better?

Another way to deal with awkward silences is not worrying about it. Remember to have some quiet moments in a conversation is something supernormal - after all, people need time to think about what to answer. So do not despair to fill every silence with chatter endlessly.

Saw? There is no shortage in this world is subject to talk. And to ensure that you are always ready for a good chat, it is important to feed daily culture and information. Read books, magazines, blogs and websites of interest - and even subjects that do much of their day to day. Go to the movies, spy calls from magazines that are on newsstands, check out what are the most heard songs of the moment! That way you will always have something nice to comment - not to mention it will become much more interesting.