Easter without chocolate - Women Tips

THE Easter It is always synonymous with many chocolates. Children and adults alike delight in the various choices of eggs and chocolates in various flavors, styles and sizes that invade the shelves of shops and supermarkets this time of year.

But despite being the most traditional gift option, some even come near a piece of chocolate for not liking the sweet, to avoid the extra pounds or maintain health days. So how presentar friends and relatives at the time with options that are not eating?

Missing a few days to Easter, the Women Tips prepared some suggestions without chocolate gifts to please who you like best. The main idea is to enjoy this tasty theme, using creativity and innovation.

stuffed animals

A perfect gift for those who can not resist the cuteness of stuffed animals are rabbits. Large, medium or small, they appeal to all ages, serve as a toy for children and can even be utilized as a decorative object.

Chocolate cosmetics

As irresistible as candy, cosmetics with chocolate scent can be found in several versions: soaps, shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions for men and women. In the composition, ingredients such as cocoa paste and cocoa butter, great for moisturizing skin and hair.

In addition to the cosmetic chocolate, how about gifting your mother, sister or friend with a beauty package on a SPA? Treatments like exfoliation, hydration and massage with chocolate-based creams and oils are relaxing and do very well to the skin.

fun home accessories

Other good options to leave the recorded data is present with fun objects that remind the Easter bunny. Home accessories, such as mugs, saucers and organizing boxes are useful, beautiful and the person will surely be happy to know that you cared about buying something different.

Jewelry that are a delight

Fashion accessories in candy format has spread around. In addition to cupcakes, brigadier, tarts, cookies and ice cream, chocolate bars made in biscuit decorating necklaces, rings, earrings and other items are a great gift for the occasion. Earrings and pendants rabbit and carrots are different and daring, but can please your hippest friends.