How to get out of an abusive relationship - Women Tips

Abusive relationships are more common than we think and many women end up suffering in silence, afraid to be alone or because they love too these men. Learn how you can get rid of these unhealthy relationships and give back over to resume life and be happy.

1 - Note abusive behavior

Abusive relationships are not only violent relationships, but every relationship that involves some kind of abuse - whether physical, emotional or psychological. You do not expect to have a black eye to realize that it's time to end this suffering.

Many women remain in abusive relationships years, believing that a time will pass, but in fact the partner's behavior always remains the same. One day he swears at the other he says that it is useless and so on, destroying the self-esteem of someone who probably is not in a very good self-esteem.

Over time, some women get used to this situation and end up not realizing that being accustomed to an abuse can take it to serious psychological problems. So, even if the abuse is "only" verbal, it is important to keep an eye and not give room for abusive attitudes recur.

Find out if he is an abusive man, making sure that it has most of these attitudes:

  • He has been abusive to others;
  • He is very jealous and possessive;
  • He so manipulate you and control your life;
  • He punishes you for things you do depriving you of something you enjoy;
  • He feels superior to you and / or others;
  • It changes mood abruptly;
  • He is aggressive and impatient in everyday situations;
  • He says one thing but does another;
  • Disrespects other women, like his mother, for example;
  • Refuses to seek help or not touch that subject.

Such men need help and are rare cases in which they can change the love you feel for your partner. This behavior is like a disease and should be treated as it is very difficult to change these attitudes alone. If it does not have to deal with and change, perhaps the best way is to leave him.

2 - Seek help

Once the woman realized who is in an abusive relationship, she should seek help from others to take a stand and get out of this and rebuild. This woman can begin to share events with friends or family or you looking for a psychologist.

In such cases, it is important to remember that one should not face this situation all alone. Depending on the type of abuse, it can be dangerous to try to solve the problem without the help of others. So it pays to get help.

3 - Be cautious

It is essential to take great care that the perpetrator does not realize that the woman wants to leave it, because this could cause a crisis in it and cause it to attack or cause you any other evil. So if your partner tends to be aggressive or uncontrolled, it is better to prepare for separation without him to know.

4 - Invest in your self-esteem

So that women can get rid of an abusive relationship, it has to be strong and self-assured. Therefore, it must first battle for the recovery of self-esteem that has been undermined by the continuous abuse in this relationship.

The first step is to fail to take seriously the criticism of their partner. In this way, the woman keeps destroying the image it has of itself. That done, she should seek to appreciate, realizing its qualities and its positive attributes. You should not refuse praise and should always think about you in a positive way.

5 - End the relationship

This is perhaps the most difficult step, but it is also the most liberating. You do not need to wait no longer feel anything for him to finish. Love your partner does not necessarily mean it makes you better or make you happy. And even though he loves her, this does not guarantee that he will change and be kinder to you in a month or in ten years.

So free yourself of that relationship so realize that is strong and supported enough to endure the separation and possible conflicts it will bring. Think in the end it may be the salvation of your life and you can have a much happier and enjoyable future without insults or assaults.

Love your life and love herself. So you will be able to discern what is good for you and what is bad for you and you will make the right choices for their happiness and well-being.