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The resistance of some children at the time of bathing generates many conflicts between parents and children and big headaches in a mostly typical scenario: A mother with a lot of other obligations to do, hurry and child creates several obstacles to enter the bath and when it comes, the fight is to quit.

To alleviate this scenario and convince children that the bath is an indispensable hygiene habit, important for the health and which will be part of your entire life, the trick is to make this time as pleasant and fun as possible. And to help in this task, we have selected some tips for you.

Set the example

Most of what children learn is from the example. Bathing with your child can be a way to demonstrate how good, how does well and how important it is and always nice to be squeaky clean and smelling. This attitude will help influence the child, more than any other argument.

Move fears

The resistance of the children and the bath can be linked to the fear of water, in this case, it is essential keep it from slipping in the tub and put her head under the water at once. When making the transition from the tub to the shower, start with the shower the shower head, which usually have less intense jets.

Invite favorite characters

No child likes to interrupt a game to make a must, but when the bath becomes another joke as much fun as any other, things change figure. Separate the toys he likes and can be wet to help distract the child while you wash it.

Play foam

Playing with foam can also turn a big party. In addition to distract the child, stimulates the imagination. Choose specific soaps and shampoos for children, to prevent the foam from falling in the eye and cause irritation, which would create a new trauma.

Drawings in the box

The steam bath leaves the glass box embassado, which turns into a real framework for the child write letters, numbers, and have fun doing various designs and letting the imagination loose.

Singing in the shower

The bath is a moment of relaxation, so many adults have the habit of singing in the shower. For children, and relaxing, this habit can be fun. And you can sing with him his favorite music while he is distracted by the lyrics, you enjoy and makes it pretty clean.

Choose the appropriate time

Bath time should also be taken into account. Choose the same time to create a routine is fundamental to incorporate the bath as a habit, but be sensible and does not require the child to bathe at the time of your preferred design, for example.

Explain the importance of the bath

Every adult knows the importance of the bath for hygiene, health and even social life. However, for a child, especially for small, it is not very easy to assimilate such factors. Yet they should be incorporated by children from an early age.

Do not lose your temper

The child may cry, kick, run away, pretend you're not listening when the mother says it's bath time and any such attitudes can take the mother's serious, but as difficult as it may seem, avoid losing your head. Before taking any forceful attitude, take a deep breath and go around the situation.

For all this fun is accompanied by security, remember that under no circumstances should a child be alone in the bathroom, which is often a slippery when wet environment. Any minute of distraction can be enough for a slip and even drowning. Leave the bathroom always safe, non-slip mats and do not neglect even a minute of your little one.