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The kiss is something very personal and intimate, and beyond, is a result that depends on the involvement of two people. Is there a formula for a good kiss? It is certain that this is a strong fit thermometer to measure the interaction and even the future of a relationship. After all, like dating someone you do not like the kiss?

After all the path culminating in the kiss of the event - the presentation, the flirtation, the looks, the approach - it would be a shame to lose all this work with a kiss dull.

Each has his way of kissing, initiative and touches. The important thing is that the loop is pleasant and engaging, seeking harmony and mutual pleasure.

Kiss has very little or tongue kiss 'peck', stopped kissing, fast, mild or strong. As the variety is large and each has its particular way, the search for balance by both parties is essential. Such an intimate moment like this deserves our sensitivity and some techniques can also help.

10 Commandments for a perfect kiss

  1. Seek harmony. Follow the rhythm of the other, gently and without haste, adapting his kiss to what it offers. One of the two is always more active. Try to fit the hang of it but also has its share of action. Seek balance between their way of kissing and it is undoubtedly the best way to get a good kiss.
  2. Move smoothly. During the kiss, are not only mouth and tongue that work, all the senses are stimulated and influence to the success of the kiss. Is released and let the whole body interact in this special moment.
  3. Use not only the lips but also the tongue and teeth (for a light bite). The key is to vary the movements to make the most exciting kiss and not fall into sameness. Nobody can stand a stop mouth with a super hectic language or a dead language in a mouth restless.
  4. The language need not be the first thing the kiss, but it is essential that it participate. A no tongue kiss can seem empty, dull. A circular motion or let her go wherever you want.
  5. Stimulate the senses. The perfume, the breath, the touch, the setting, all senses are important for a perfect kiss. Use a pleasant scent and choose a setting that matches the climate, is an event or a more peaceful place.
  6. Use your hands for a caress or affection. Involve the youth in a nice hug and hold her face and neck with your hands, gently.
  7. Closed eyes allow an intensification of feelings and help free your imagination. But an exchange of loving glances can be pretty cool too, even for you notice any reaction from him.
  8. It may seem redundant, but oral hygiene is certainly one of the deciding factors. Bad breath does not match at all with the kiss. But there's no care for the teeth on the day of the event: the maintenance of good breath and oral health requires daily attention and good nutrition.
  9. But no one is free from an awkward position after many hours without brushing your teeth. On one occasion these, you can disguise with mints or gum. Try taking juices or eat fruits like apple, pineapple and lemon. These fruits are astringent and has the power to cleanse the mouth, throat and vocal cords, almost instantly.
  10. Finish with a peck kiss. It may seem funny but the click at the end of the kiss is almost a rule. So the weather will dissipate gradually, without a radical break.