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6 benefits of reading to your baby - Women Tips

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There is no minimum age to begin to raise a child - and this is true for encouraging reading. Anyone who thinks that reading books and telling stories is important only for children is wrong. There are many benefits that contact with books, even in early childhood, it is able to provide.

Reading to babies helps in the development of various psychological functions such as language development, memory and logical reasoning. In addition, the time of close reading and strengthens the emotional connection between you and your baby.

Educators argue that the benefits of reading are incalculable and for life. Below, you can see five important reasons to enter this habit on a daily basis with your child.

1 - Assists language development

Have you ever wondered why some children learn to speak earlier than others? The answers are related to the stimulation that babies receive from parents and the people around you. One of these stimuli for the development of language is reading.

Your child may still not understand the whole plot of a story, but reading aloud puts you in touch with other dimensions of the oral and written languages, which will be important in its development, the educator explains Sonia Maria Ramos Fachini.

International studies presented during the 2009 edition of the Book Biennial pointed out that, on entering the school, three year olds that already have family in reading habits have a vocabulary 300% higher than those who did not grow up surrounded by books.

2 - Develops logical thinking

Contact book (again and again, in some cases), your child is learning the story elements and thus also learn to develop logical reasoning.

Most children's stories teach in a playful way to understand cause and effect. In addition, there is the learning of common and fundamental values ​​in the child's education, such as friendship and honesty, for example. With reading there is also the development of awareness and knowledge of herself.

3 - stimulates the imagination

Through stories, your baby is able to experience new emotions like danger, mystery and joy. The book is a passport to a magical world, where his son is also presenting to the world of the arts, through illustrations, pictures and drawings.

Reading increases the ability to listen to the child, develops his critical sense, extends the range of experiences and creates new alternatives for fun and enjoyment. She wonders what he saw and causes can dive into the emotional character of the situation, proving different sensations.

4 - Minimizes future learning problems

When powered from the first months of life, the habit of reading has a positive influence not only on literacy, but also on cognitive development in general - which is critical to success in school. "Reading to children before literate it will create the most important of all is the link to the reading. From there, the child, accustomed to this activity will continue practicing without pain, without sacrifice, and automatically learn more and more - at home and at school - without much mediation ", says the teacher Sônia Fachini.

Encourage reading from birth, with babies who have not learned to speak, may be the shortest way to the formation of a future player.

5 - Creates discipline and attention

For children under three years of age, reading aloud helps to awaken your sensitivity to different intonations of speech and still has the positive effect on the so-called selective attention. For reading, your child may develop the ability to turn off other sources of stimulus, keeping focused on one activity for longer periods.

However, remember that babies or very young children usually have a short period of attention. To circumvent this dispersion, reading moments must be dynamic, engaging and, therefore, the choice of the appropriate book is fundamental. There are currently on the shelves a plethora of books with curious illustrations, with sound effects and various other elements that become irresistible in time to call the baby's attention (below, some of these options).

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6 - Unique moments between mother and child

Finally, perhaps the most important reason for reading the baby is the emotional connection between your lap, his voice, his affection and books. Storytelling provides unique moments between you, important for emotional development and that it certainly will always be stored in its memory.

Do not wait! Read aloud to your baby is a wonderful activity that you can share with him now.

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