15 signs that you are not ready for a relationship - Women Tips

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Some women want a boyfriend. Others find they want. This is because many do not realize that we need to fill several questions before diving into a relationship. Fifteen separate signs that actually you are still not ready to meet someone.

1 signal

You feel depressed. If this is your situation, avoid getting into a relationship. The chances of attracting the wrong type of partner are great because, contrary to what the saying goes, like attracts like. Try to improve the mood before looking for a serious boyfriend.

2nd sign

Do you still like your ex. A new relationship will not cure it and may even make things worse, so it is necessary to first heal the open wounds.

3rd sign

You are too busy with his career, college or herself. Accept that, in these conditions, there is no room in your life for someone else.

4th sign

You feel attracted by the wrong guys. Understand that this is a way to get only in relationships that obviously will have no future. You do to escape the serious commitment.

5 signal

You think you're not happy just because they do not have a boyfriend. Remember: you have to be happy before the relationship, as it comes just to complete your happiness.

6 signal

You intend to save the man, feed him, take care of it and leave it whole again. Act as 'mother' of the applicant is an error, simply because you are not his mother. Take care of yourself and avoid this kind of behavior. If you still have it, maybe you should wait until cancel it to then enter into a relationship.

7 signal

Do you believe that a prince will appear to save her. Needless to say that this is a mistake. Men are, above all, human beings. Whatever your choice, it will have defects with which you must live. It is up to you to decide which are tolerable and what is intolerable.

8 signal

His main concern in life is to find the ideal man. Make a new college, go traveling, win new friends. Being too focused on finding a boyfriend is a sign that you still need to pay more attention to your life.

9 signal

You changes to meet the expectations you think that men have about you. While unable to act be yourself and act naturally, not think of a relationship, because keeping the characters is difficult and too painful.

10th sign

You still do not feel healed old wounds caused by relationships. To enter a new dating, you need to see it as a new dating; go into it with mistrust and hurt feelings caused by other guys is to condemn it to failure.

11th sign

Do you still believe that the failure of previous relationships was always the fault of the men with whom you are related. Learn to take responsibility together for when a dating does not work, usually the fault of both, to a greater or lesser degree.

12 sign

You're insecure. A dating, in this circumstance, it will worsen. To be with someone completely you must trust this person and being insecure, it is very difficult to happen.

13th sign

You is not accepted as it is. The maxim that "if we do not love each other, no one will" is absolutely true. No man will accept you and respect you as you are if you do not do it first.

14 sign

You just out of a relationship. If your situation is that it is better to take time for things to settle down before looking for a new love.

15 sign

Do you think a boyfriend can help you to heal emotional pain and suffering. The right attitude is to face the pain and difficulties before leaving in search of a partner, so you can share the best things in your personality.