6 home remedies to strengthen nails - Women Tips

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Breaking the nail: this is one of the most annoying things that can happen to a woman. In addition to painful compromises the appearance of the hands and can go crazy those who are keen to keep perfect every detail of the body and if you do not have a sandpaper around, is sure to many hours screwing the broken nail on clothing, upholstered of office chair, car seat and on any fabric surface which you closer to hand.

Nails that break easily may be a symptom of many health problems that should be addressed directly with a trusted doctor but if the problem is only with the fragility, some homemade recipes like the ones below can be very useful.

1 - Treatment with olive oil

You will need only olive oil. Every day, before bed, soak your fingertips in a container containing the oil and hold for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. This procedure moisturizes the nails and prevents them from breaking easily.

2 - Treatment with homemade cream

You will need a tablespoon of fresh mackerel soup, four tablespoons of water soup, a tablespoon of cocoa butter tea and a teaspoon of lanolin. Boil water with mackerel. In another container, mix the cocoa butter and lanolin in a water bath. Add water slowly with horsetail and mix everything to a creamy substance. Apply as a moisturizer.

3 - Treatment with cloves and olive oil

You will need 30 grams of cloves and 200 ml of olive oil. Cook the mixture in a water bath for about three hours, then straining it. Massage your nails with the product for a period of ten days.

4 - Treatment with almond, jojoba, vitamin E and apricot

You will need one jojoba oil spoon, a apricot kernel oil spoon, a spoon of almond oil and a vial of vitamin E - the bulb can be purchased at any store cosmetics. Combine all ingredients in a container and apply a few drops of the remedy on the nails twice a day. Massage nails and then let the dry remedy alone.

5 - Treatment with egg, almond oil and papaya

You will need a tablespoon of egg yolk soup, two tablespoons of papaya juice and half a teaspoon of almond oil soup. Mix all ingredients and apply on your nails, massaging gently. Let stand for 30 minutes and then wash your hands with cold water.

6 - Treatment with orange or lemon

You'll need an orange or a lemon, a tablespoon of sugar and almond oil. Extract the juice from the fruit and mix with sugar. Soak nails in the liquid and then rub them with a cotton soaked in almond oil. Perform the procedure every day.

If you notice that your nails are broken with a facility larger than usual, be sure to consult a doctor.