6 signs that you are in an abusive relationship - Women Tips

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Many women are in abusive relationships for years and years without also realize how being emotionally harmed by it.

Over time, the abusive behavior destroys self-esteem of women, which is slowly being satisfied with the situation as it is already dependent on his company.

Get out of such a relationship is so difficult as to be in it. So it takes a lot of willpower and it is also necessary to count on the help of experts, friends and family.

Below are the main characteristics of abusive relationships. If you believe that any of these items is part of your life, try re-evaluate and reconsider the need to continue in a relationship with this man.

1 - It isolates you

One of the common attitudes of abusive men is to want to partner isolate yourself from the world. He did not want her to have friends and friends and would prefer that it is always at home waiting for him.

2 - It controls you

Another common custom of men who tend to relate in an abusive manner is to want to control everything your partner does. In such cases the woman can never decide for themselves what to do, she always ends up giving in to the wishes and partner decisions.

3 - It is violent

If he often verbally abusive, or even worse, physically aggressive, this is evidence that this relationship is abusive. Demote the woman using profanity or verbally humiliating are examples of violence that should not be part of a relationship.

4 - It is unreasonably jealous

Another common trait in abusive men is insanely jealous. He does not want a partner to talk to anyone, choose the clothes she can use and also decide what she can or can not do and where it can or can not go. Also, create fights for nonexistent reasons, find reason to be jealous of attack where there is no possibility of actions that would lead to a betrayal or disrespect.

5 - He treats you like lower

In addition to already mentioned, such men often treat your partner as inferior, not as a being similar. verbal abuse as she calls it "stupid" and say that she knows nothing are some examples of how they externalize this feeling of superiority to their partners.

6 - has a disregard history with women

If he used to mistreat her mother or sisters, he will probably treat you the same way. It may be that at the beginning of the relationship it does not give signs of this behavior, but how long it might end up appearing.

Remember to always cherish. Staying in an abusive relationship is very destructive. Love yourself and put yourself first when making the decision to continue or not relating to this man.