31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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Known as one of the easiest desserts to make, passion fruit mousse is not without its charm and, not coincidentally, is so popular! It is a fact that is not one of those "striking sweet" to serve on a special occasion - those that everyone asks for the recipe - but always pleases by its sweet taste as with the azedinho touch of passion!

Traditionally prepared with condensed milk, cream and juice concentrate, passion fruit mousse can be made even by those who do not understand kitchen whit without difficulties!

But the mousse can also be prepared in a more elaborate way, gaining other ingredients, such as chocolate, fudge, whipped cream and all that creativity allow!

It can also serve this dessert in an elegant way by placing it, for example, individual portions or cups even in the passion fruit peel. Thus, it will have guaranteed success in a party during the day or after that family lunch! Be inspired by the recipes and different presentations of the passion fruit mousse below:

traditional mousses

31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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1. Simple Passion fruit mousse: great quick dessert suggestion for late pat. The good thing is that usually please most people and is a super refreshing sweet, good choice for hot days.

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2. Passion fruit mousse with fresh syrup: A supergostosa mousse and very easy and quick to prepare. You will use condensed milk ice cream, iced cream, ice cream concentrated passion fruit juice and for the syrup, passion fruit pulp and sugar two.

3. Passion fruit mousse with creamy sauce: although this is a popular dessert if you serve it in a very elegant way, it makes all the difference! Such that in individual serving portions, decorated with chocolate syrup passion fruit pulp or even? You can even put it in the peel of passion fruit or cups.

4. Basic passion fruit mousse with natural juice: here, be sure to use the natural juice of the fruit so that the mousse becomes even tastier. Besides it, you will only use condensed milk and cream. Without secrets!

5. Simple Passion fruit mousse with natural juice and caldinha: You will need condensed milk, cream, passion fruit and large, to the syrup, sugar and more passion. A simple and very tasty recipe!

6. Passion fruit mousse with serum-free sour cream: ideal for serving after a family lunch, especially in the summer. You will only use condensed milk, heavy cream without serum and concentrated passion fruit juice (can be the bottle or the pulp of the same fruit).

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7. Passion fruit mousse with yogurt: this recipe, the yogurt replaces the sour cream. Thus, the mousse is lighter and also creamy and tasty! Well worth a try!

passion fruit mousse spiked

31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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8. Passion fruit mousse with milk nest: different and simple recipe, which uses only three ingredients. You will need to nest milk, powdered juice (Tang or Clight type) and water. Just hit everything in a blender, place to chill, then serve!

9. Passion fruit mousse with gelatin: the result is a mousse a little more consistent. The preparation has no secret: you will only use passion fruit juice concentrate, unflavored gelatin, condensed milk and serum-free sour cream.

10. Passion fruit mousse with fresh milk: this recipe, the sweet milk substitute condensed milk, giving a special touch to this dessert well known. The taste is very interesting, because the passion predominates, but the sweet milk imparts a caramel flavor to the recipe.

11. Passion fruit mousse two juices: this recipe is easy, fast, takes a few ingredients and not dirty nothing. You just need a little patience to wait for the mousse stay firminha and very cold. It is not a dessert so sweet, nor sour, that is, the extent!

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12. Passion fruit mousse with light snow in: the preparation is simple and you will only use condensed milk, concentrated passion fruit juice, sour cream, powdered unflavored gelatin and eggs (for egg white). The mousse is so with a more aerated and very tasty consistency.

13. Passion fruit mousse with whipped cream: to give it a bit more on this so famous recipe! You will use unsalted butter, sugar, passion fruit juice concentrate, eggs, whipping cream, sugar and sour passion fruit.

Chocolate mousses

31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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14. Passion fruit mousse with chocolate: a combination that works! You will use for the passion fruit mousse, cream, condensed milk, passion fruit juice and passion fruit jelly. For the chocolate mousse, use sour cream, condensed milk, cocoa powder and unflavored gelatin.

15. Passion fruit mousse with white chocolate: to give an increased in the dessert, this mousse gained a layer of white chocolate. The contrast of the syrup azedinho with white chocolate honey is amazing! Good choice for when it will receive visitors at home.

16. Passion fruit mousse with semisweet chocolate: a combination that gives supercerto! You will only use condensed milk, cream, passion fruit jelly, passion fruit juice concentrate, fresh passion fruit, bittersweet chocolate and more cream to chocolate.

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17. Passion fruit mousse with cream and crunchy topping: a different way to make this classic dessert, but a simple recipe ... For sure will delight everyone! You will use ripe passion fruit, cream, condensed milk and dark chocolate.

18. Passion fruit mousse with Brigadier: for starters, you will Brigadier usually with chocolate powder, condensed milk and unsalted butter. For the mousse itself, you need condensed milk, cream, concentrated passion fruit juice and passion fruit to decorate.

passion fruit mousse versions fit and restrictive

31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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19. Passion fruit mousse with banana biomass: a recipe gluten and lactose. Besides being a perfect dessert for hot days, is rich in fiber, it takes no refined sugar and is vegan!

20. Passion fruit mousse with cashew nuts and agar: is delicious, levinha, creamy, lightly sanded and does not take milk or gelatin in the composition! You will use brown raw cashew, passion fruit pulp, water, sugar, agar, semisweet chocolate and coconut milk.

21. Passion fruit mousse with tofu: this mousse only takes three ingredients and is ready in less than 10 minutes. It's a great option for those who are lactose intolerant, since it does not use any dairy, to the base, we use only the soft tofu.

22. Passion fruit mousse low carb: so easy, but so easy that you can even ashamed to do! Depending on the juice brand you use, the mousse is ready just in time and already get out from eating spoonfuls. This recipe can also be used in the filling of pies and cakes.

23. lactose Passion fruit mousse: the recipe is made with soy condensed milk. Besides it, you will only use cream (milk) soy and great passion. A simple and tasty recipe for those who are lactose intolerant?

24. Passion fruit mousse with lactose hazelnut truffles what makes this mousse is so good is chocolate cream truffles made of glass which is in the background. The combination of chocolate with passion fruit azedinho is wonderful!

25. vegan passion fruit mousse with dark chocolate mousse: a full mousse fiber, good fat, antioxidants and health! You will use basically avocado, dark chocolate without milk, brown sugar, cocoa powder, raw cashews, biomass green banana, passion fruit juice concentrate, water and stevia.

26. fit Passion fruit mousse: lactose-free recipe. You will only use cashews, coconut water, biomass green banana, passion fruit, stevia or honey or brown sugar to sweeten.

Mousses with different presentations

31 Passion fruit mousse recipes to make playing

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27. passion fruit mousse cake: the base is cake and everything else is mousse! A dessert simply amazing, refreshing and beautiful! Good choice to serve after a special lunch, especially if the day is hot!

28. pie mousse passion: beautiful to look at and with a wonderful flavor to anyone find fault! You will use basically cornstarch wafer, unsalted butter, condensed milk, cream, passion fruit juice concentrate, gelatin powder without flavor, passion fruit, water and sugar.

29. mousse pie passion fruit and chocolate: a full dessert, which is sure to delight everyone. You will use basically maria biscuit, unsalted butter, jelly, fresh cream, dark chocolate, condensed milk and passion fruit juice concentrate.

30. passion fruit mousse shortcake: a recipe yields about 12 well served tartlets. They are beautiful and very tasty. Good choice to serve at birthday parties or after a special family lunch, for example.

31. passion fruit mousse pavlova: to make this dessert different, but easy, you will use basically eggs at room temperature, a pinch of salt, icing sugar, corn starch, white vinegar, vanilla, passion fruit juice concentrate , condensed milk and cream.

Easy to prepare with few ingredients and a certain combination of flavors: not by chance the passion fruit mousse is so successful! Choose your favorite recipe and make sure to please everyone!